KU Becomes Alpha Beta Chapter of BYX

In January of 2009 Todd Dorsey contacted the national office about the possibility of starting a BYX chapter on the campus of Kansas University. Along with Todd, he and Robert Vick began recruiting other men to join them in their endeavor throughout the spring 2009 semester. They began to meet for fellowship, to spend time in the word, and to pray for the possibility of starting BYX. During the spring of 2009 these men worked to complete our three-phase prospective chapter process. In September, Jason Hoyt and Nick England traveled to Lawrence to visit these men during Phase 3 and commence their training to be officers. After spending two days with these men, we have felt the Lord moving us to start the next BYX chapter at Kansas University. As a result:

As of September 18, 2009 we are proud to announce that Kansas University has become the Alpha Beta Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi, making them the 26th chapter in our family.

The Kansas University group of about 6 men is led by Junior Todd Dorsey. Todd will be the first president of the Alpha Beta Chapter. Their officers are:

Todd Dorsey President

Robert Vick Vice President

Josh Charles Treasurer

Oliver Hughes Pledge Captain

Ryan Flanagan Secretary

Trevor Perry Chaplain

I want to give a special shout out to the University of Arkansas chapter as they have been instrumental in assisting the start up of BYX at KU. Great Job brothers for all your time, effort, and vision for BYX that goes beyond your campus.


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