BYX Nationals visits KU

by Nick England, Ministry Associate

Visiting Kansas was a new experience for BYX. After conversing with them for nine months we were very eager to get out there to visit them. We had never been to KU before but from what we knew of Kansas we knew we could sum up the terrain in one word. Flat. Which is why we were so surprised when they pointed out one of their buildings on campus from a couple miles away as it sat on top of a hill. The first night there Jason Hoyt and I went to dinner with the six officers at the Free State Brewery on Mass street. At the behest of their officers we tried the chicken pesto pasta which I personally thought was quite a meal. Jason had his own opinions. One of the KU chapter sponsors, Brian Moore joined us as well. Brian is a graduate of Texas A&M where he was in BYX. Following dinner we ventured with the men to campus to get a tour and give Jason and Brian a chance to get to know them better. Being from OU, I held my own bias about what a beautiful campus looked like but KU was a gorgeous campus to see. We ended the night with some homemade ice cream from a local ice cream shop and all in all had a great time.

The next day, Jason and I intended to train all of the officers for their positions and get to know them. Normally, I will spend about 45 minutes getting to know each officer then Jason will spend about 45 minutes training them on their respective positions. However, the chicken pesto pasta made its way out of Jason any way it could the night before. Needless to say, he was a little too sick to help out on Monday which left quite a task for the day ahead of me. In my time spent with the officers I had the pleasure of getting to know each of them and training all of them. While it was certainly a long day, it was great. I’ve rarely seen a group of men so perfectly hand picked to serve together as officers of BYX. These men are leaders through and through and they are beyond committed to do what it takes to start a chapter. After all of the meetings were over we went to dinner at a barbecue restaurant which Jason was well enough to show up to. Will Pryor, KU’s other chapter sponsor made it to dinner that night to meet the men. Each of the officers were happy and honored to be able to meet their two chapter sponsors thus far. Following dinner we sat down with the officer corp to run through our hazing education and constitution. They had many great questions and endured a long night of policy with great enthusiasm.

Our last morning there, we went to breakfast with a couple of the guys at a place famous for their french toast called Milton’s. It was great to sit back and hang out with some of the men without having to discuss any business and both Jason and I were blessed to hang out with them one last time. Overall our trip out to Lawrence was very productive and a ton of fun, aside from Jason’s opposition to chicken pesto pasta. We boarded the plane to come back to Texas excited about what the Lord is doing with the men at KU. Stay tuned for news to come regarding their status in the next couple of weeks.


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