BYX Nationals Visits Baylor

By Tyler Rogers, Ministry Associate

On Monday August 31st, I traveled to Waco to visit the men of BYX at Baylor University. Monday night started off great as I met with the officers for dinner at Fazoli’s. During dinner we just discussed a ton of random stuff about ourselves and about BYX. The dinner was intended for fun and it was just that, a lot of fun. I enjoyed talking and getting to know the officers. Tuesday I spent the day in meetings with the officers one on one. These meetings were great. We discussed the heart of the men at Baylor. I was able to share some vision on growth and the importance of recruitment. We discussed stategies on how to implement ideas that would further their name on campus, as well as strategies to continue to build brotherhood and unity through chapter meetings and cell groups.

Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to eat dinner at the Chili’s on campus with most of the actives. We had a good time, just talking and getting to know each other. My goal for the dinner was that I would be able to build relationships with the guys. I wanted to leave Baylor knowing that the guys felt like they knew me well enough to seek me for advice with BYX or just with life. The mission was definitely accomplished! I was able to make some solid connections with some of the actives. After dinner I went to the officer meetings with the officers. Following the officer meeting I went to chapter and had a great time meeting the rest of the actives. I gave a talk on how we are living in a culture that has loss focus on the things that they are committed too. I challenge the men of Baylor to remain focused on our committment to brotherhood and unity in their chapter, as well as maintaining their focus on our awesome God.
Wednesday, I spent the day meeting with some actives who are interested in running for office in the upcoming officer elections. I was able to cast some vision on what it means to be on an officer body in general, as well as what they could look forward to in the individual offices they were seeking. I was encouraged with the hearts and determination of these men. I love the direction the Baylor chapter is moving in and am confident that the future is bright for the gentlement in Waco.

Some things that you all can be in prayer about for these men are listed below.
Recruitment- they can’t recruit freshmen in the fall, so pray for fall and spring rush.
All Campus Worship- they are doing a campus wide worship sevice with another fraternity and two sororities
Praise the Lord in Prayer for the hearts of these men!


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