NC State Formally Initiated on August 17th, 2009

by Jason Hoyt, Executive Director

Nick England and I (Jason Hoyt) flew to Raleigh, North Carolina today to formally initiate the founding fathers of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of BYX:
TJ Louie
Kyle Shepherd
Bradley Monroe
Nathan Spain
Andrew Beck
Bryan Mears
Miles Farthing

On Tuesday, Nick England (Ministry Associate) spent the day meeting with each brother individually and continued building a relationship with the guys to better equip them in their roles.

I met with their faculty advisor on Tuesday and introduced him to his role as advisor. He is going to be a great asset to the men. He teaches undergrad accounting, having studied at both Baylor and OU. He has a real heart for the guys and wants to plug into their lives and be a real asset to the chapter.

On Tuesday evening we spent about 4 hours with the guys leading them through the planning of their Rush Week (Aug 27th – Sept 4th), and walking with them in mapping out their first semester. They expect anywhere between 5 to 10 pledges to join this fall. We helped lead them through the planning of each retreat, open party, and date party. I really feel like that is exactly what the guys needed as it gave them direction and vision for the semester and also sets them on a course to fill in all the details themselves along the way.

We talked to the guys about what chapter looks like, what pledge meetings consist of, and how officer meetings are run. Overall, we left confident that these guys are off on the right foot and ready to introduce the campus to BYX.


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